My SLC Info

This Is My SLC Info Sheets. Student Ly Conference.

Why I am doing this is because so we can memorize what we are going to say to our Parent when they come to see what we have done.

From Charlotte.

The Beautiful Beach

The Beautiful Beach

Message: My Art is to tell the Audience to not litter at the beach and make sure it stays clean.

Why: Why I wanted to do the beach so people would know not to litter on the beach and because I love the beach so much.

What is it about: To not litter on the beach and show how the beach should look.

Style of art: Dot art.

Title of your art: The Beach.

Colors: Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Dark Green.
Who/Materials: Canvas, Paint, Brush and a bit if Pencil.

10 Facts About Cats

1.Cats can drink SEAWATER.
2.Some cats have THUMBS.
3.Cats can hear DOLPHINS.
4.Kittens can start to dream when they are a week old.
5.Cats cant taste sweet things.
6.Cats cant see directly below their noses.That's why they miss food that is right in front of them.
7.Cats sweat through the pads of their paws
8.Cats can sleep so much by the time a cat is 9 years old it will only have been awake for 3 years of its life.
9.Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds
10.Most female cats are right pawed, and most male cats are left pawed.
Hope You Enjoyed

Someones in the graveyard

Ahhh!! I hear someone in the graveyard, I hear squealing and screaming and even torture.It's really freaking me out. I don't know what to do I'm thinking if I should go outside.
What is happening should I stay inside and be scared or go out, I think I'm going to go outside and see what's happening.
I open the sliding-door and what do I see Music notes and also hear squealing and screaming like always.
I'm going to go closer.I'm going to quickly and quietly get a shovel from inside to dig the dirt out and see what’s under there.Hint: If you wanna know who's grave it is, it’s my grandpa’s, so this is weird how there is it like my grandpa's dreams probably.?
It should be ok since his dreams are probably ok but some of them could be nightmares.
This is going to be SCARY, let's just go dig and see…..5 mins later I've Dug for 3 mins I have gotten pretty far down I've made a staircase to come back up if there are nightmares.

The lost Kittins and Puppies book 2 doon doon doooooon

Short story about finding kids

When they got back from their run, the kid's school was finish and Their mum and dad had not finished their run, they still have 20 minutes left to run to school with the Cat and Dog.
“Quick quick we need to run, to the kid's school”
20 minutes later….
So then the kids just walked up the hill, the parents were running down to get the kids so then they were like ‘’omg’’ its the kids I see them then the kids said “is that mum and dad?then 5 seconds after the kids the kids saw the mum and dad.The mum and dad said omg I was worrying about you said the mum the end

The Lost Kittiens And Puppies

Hi, I'm Charlotte I am proud of this writing.

Their names,
About the Dad: Michael/37
Things about the mum: Michelle/35
Things about the girl: Scarlet/9
Things about the boy:george/10
They are the Wilkinsons.
The mum and dad don’t have jobs yet
They went to Spotswood school.
Once Upon A Time, there was kittens and puppies, They lived in rocks at the beach. The puppies and kittens had mums, and they gave birth to the puppies and kittens. It was a rainy day at the beach. They couldn't take all of them so they just left them because it was too slippery and too wet and they would slip with the kittens and puppies and it will take a long time.We don't know yet what happened to the mums till the end of the STORY.

There was a family, And they had kids 1 girl 1 boy.

So, they went to the beach and the kids were going up the rocks and playing then... they came across 3 kittens and 5 puppies, then they went their Mum and Dad and then they showed them they were like “Omg”,.Then they asked, “The kid…